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Having Space for your Passion

Having a dedicated space for hobbies is wonderful. Whether it's painting, sewing, woodworking, or even video gaming, having a separate space to do your favorite activity can help you focus and keep your hobby from overtaking the entire home!

Keeping this space organized and tidy is essential. It increases enjoyment and allows you to get more done. One common problem for hobby rooms is finding space for all of the equipment and work surfaces needed.

Below are a few tips to save space for your hobby room:

  1. Shelf and drawer space

Shelf and drawer space is a premium for most hobbies. Multi-level shelving can be a lifesaver for keeping organized, but it can quickly become a disaster if your organization method is not followed with due diligence! Take a moment to think about what items are used most often. Make sure those are placed in your most accessible location. Are there things you only use once during a session? Perhaps those can go to those less accessible bottom drawers or top shelves.

For example, in a sewing room, you'll want quick access to threads and needles. Patterns, on the other hand, are generally needed once per session.

2. Utilize wall space

Have blank walls in your hobby space? Put them to use! My favorite way to do this is with pegboards. Pegboards are endlessly customizable and provide another perfect place to store your most used items without sacrificing drawers and shelves.

Have a game room for your video games with lots of different systems? A pegboard is perfect for hanging bins that controllers can sit in. This is much easier than having them sit in a drawer in a big tangled mess!

3. Downsize

If there are things you just don't need or use anymore, consider getting rid of them. There is nothing better for saving needed space than just eliminating the things you don't want or need anymore. If you don't want to get rid of something you don't really use or really only use it once or twice a year, putting it in storage can get it out of the way. Just make sure to clearly label those bins!

I often see a lot of under-used items dominating the rooms for people who do many crafts, switching from one medium to another. If you've moved on, there's no reason to keep your cross-stitching stuff front and center when you've moved on to making bird houses!

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