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Keeping Organized During a Move

Have you ever lost something important during a move? It's incredibly aggravating!

Here are some tips to keep you organized while moving:

  1. Start early. The enemy of staying organized is having to rush through the moving process. Start at least two weeks early, putting the things you are least likely to need in the time between your move first. As you get closer to your move, put more and more often used items into boxes.

  2. Clearly mark your boxes. I can't stress this enough. I don't mean just which room they go in, but specifically what's inside them! Instead of 'Bedroom,' perhaps 'Items from nightstand' is more descriptive. When you do get down to those "odds and ends" items at the end of packing, write exactly what is in the box. Sometimes, it might be months before you actually finish unpacking all of those boxes. It's too easy to forget what is in them if they are not descriptively labeled!

  3. Get rid of things you don't need or want. Moving is the perfect time to really get a handle on all the stuff you actually have. Since you will be handling everything that is coming out of your current residence, really think about the things you are packing. Do you actually want that old coat or decoration? Can you get rid of it, donate it, or sell it? The earlier you start (see tip 1), the easier it is to make these decisions.

  4. Schedule your utilities to be stopped and started. Don't forget to stop your various utilities at your old house. Most companies allow you to schedule a date for your service to be stopped. Call in and get that taken care of! More importantly, set up dates for your utilities to be installed at your new place. You'll want to hit the ground running. Having electricity, water, gas, garbage service, and internet ready to go when you get there will make your transition smooth.

  5. Make sure your mail is forwarded. In a perfect world, you would remember all services you are signed up for and would have told everyone who would need to know your new address, but it is too easy to overlook one or two people or services. It would be a bummer if you didn't get an important piece of mail because you forgot to update your address with some service. Getting your mail forwarded makes it easy to see which services still have your old address. When mail gets forwarded, it usually has some sort of marking (like an inked stamp or sticker) that indicates that it was forwarded from your previous address. Immediately notify the sender of any mail that comes in like this that you have a new address!

  6. Hiring Movers/Cleaners. Hiring movers is a good idea. Physically moving your items is exhausting, and moving is already a stressful time! Hiring movers can keep the stress off you. Keeping a keen mind during this time will help keep you organized! Hiring cleaners can also make your move easier. Who wants to really deep clean a space that they will probably never see again? I know I don't!

Remember these tips, and your move is sure to be less stressful and more smooth!

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