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Keeping a Tidy Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms of the house to keep organized. With so many different purpose items to keep in such a small room, it's tough to keep it from becoming a disaster area. On top of that, the bathroom gets messy so easily!

Here are some tips for keeping your bathroom organized and clean:

  1. Keep your surfaces clear except for things that multiple people are going to use every day. Hand soap and toothbrushes are good items to keep handy. Cotton swabs are not!

  2. Other often used items, such as lotions, medications, shaving razors, etc can go in the medicine cabinet.

  3. Items that are large or used less often belong in drawers. Hair curlers, blow dryers, cotton balls, extra toilet paper all belong in drawers. Many tips that I give in my Junk Drawer blog post apply here, but particularly keeping plastic bins in the drawers is extra helpful here. Keeping all of your cosmetics inside a plastic bin makes it easy to take that whole bin out of the drawer. So much easier than tearing apart all of the drawers looking for that particular foundation, lipstick, or other special item!

  4. Keep a towel handy just for wiping up the sink and countertop. This has been a game changer in our house. Messes happen in the sink. Whether it's shaving cream, toothpaste, or just water stains; waiting until it is time to give your bathroom an entire clean to wash the sink and counter is too long! Have a towel handy to wipe up those spills right away and keep your bathroom looking sparkly clean!

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